A Beginners Guide to Randonauting

In This Guide:

Part 1 — What is a Randonaut?

  • Mind-Matter Interactions
  • Diving Deeper
  • Method 2: Web Bot
  • Method 3: iOS/Android App
  • Recommendations For Randonauts

Part 1 — What is a Randonaut?

A Randonaut is a person who explores both the application and impact of randomness in the experience of everyday reality. This exploration into randomness can be carried out in several different ways. The two primary experiments that Randonauts are currently exploring are Blind-Spots and Mind-Matter interactions. Below are short explanations of each. The next section details how to begin experimenting with these using the Fatum Bot.


A Blind-Spot is a place in the real world that you would never normally encounter through any chain of causal experiences. We as humans tend to live structured, patterned lives. Our everyday experience throughout the social and geographical world is guided by our internal mental makeup which may contain some share of determinism. When navigating the world, there is determinism in your actions making it hard to break out of your usual patterns. Using the Fatum Bot, Randonauts can generate a random coordinate location in an attempt to find Blind-Spots and uncover what lies outside the boundaries of everyday causal experience.

Mind-Matter Interactions

Mind-Matter interactions encompass the other side of Randonauting. This is the idea that the human mind actually has a statistically significant impact on the output of quantum random number generators (qRNG). The Fatum Bot can generate what are called Intention Driven Anomalies (IDA’s) which are coordinate locations that are calculated based on the density of qRNG output and which are often explored through the use of intention. What this potentially means is that your mind can have some influence on the location and subsequent experience that’s generated by the bot. There are two kinds of IDA’s that can be generated: Attractors and Voids. The difference between the two is the way in which they’re mathematically determined. They are essentially opposites of each other, but are both hypothesized to be influenced by the mind.

Diving Deeper

I’m not going to go too far in depth in this article because it’s aim is to serve as a basic introduction to Randonauting, but I’ll link several relevant resources below for those who want to dig deeper.

  • Randonauting For Dummies: Slightly outdated, but this article is my attempt to explain some of the theoretical concepts to a broader audience.
  • /r/Randonauts: The Randonauts Reddit community. Feel free to join the conversation and post trip reports, questions, ideas, memes, etc. This is a great place to interact with the community.
  • Telegram community chat: Stop by the community Telegram chat and say hey!
  • /r/Randonauts Wiki: Another great resource for learning more about the project.
  • Randonauts Website: Official website with more information on different aspects of the project.

Part 2 — How Can I Become a Randonaut?

To start Randonauting yourself, you can generate locations using the Fatum Bot. Here are two easy methods to get started on your Randonaut adventures right away.

Method 1: Telegram Bot

  1. Download the Telegram app for your preferred operating system.
  2. Create an account, then start a conversation with @shangrila_bot.
  3. Send your location according to the bots instructions, then choose the type of point you want to generate.
  4. Once the Bot responds with a location, begin your adventure!

Method 2: Web Bot

  1. Open any internet browser.
  2. Go to https://bot.randonauts.com/.
  3. Send your location according to the bots instructions, then choose the type of point to generate.
  4. Once the Bot responds with a location, begin your adventure!

Method 3: iOS/Android App

There now exists an app called “Randonautica” which can be found in both the iOS and Android app stores! The app has an interface for generating points and also gives access to the original telegram bot.

Recommendations For Randonauts

  • Pick up trash — We are all humans. We live on a big blue ball. It’s our home. It’s never a bad idea to take a trash bag with you and help clean up the world.
  • Keep it fun —Respect people and their property, don’t trespass, follow the law, and if anything leave the area nicer than it was when you arrived. Have fun with it, and uncover your own way of utilizing the bot. You get out of the experience what you put into it.
  • Interact With the Environment — Respectfully interacting with the environment is a good way to play with Blind-Spots. Some of the most interesting reports have arised from talking to people, interacting with objects, and going with the flow of the experience.
  • Set an Intention — Setting an intention is a great way to explore mind-matter interactions. To do so, ask a question to yourself or think about a certain outcome of the experience before generating a point. You can experiment with intent and discover ways that work best for you. Here is an example of intention setting in action.

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